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Here your view your total contacts, credits and summary units and messages for today. You can also view your recent transactions.


This menu allows you view and update your account personal information and change your password

Contact Groups

Click on Add New Group to create a new address book. Then click the group name to add contacts. Group Name Clicked - Use Add Single Number to add one number to your group "$group_name" or use Import batch Number to upload bulk numbers from a file When Import batch Number is clicked. - Click select file to choose the file you have saved your contacts to. File type must be either Text file or Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) To include values like names and other details of your contacts, kindly save contacts in Microsoft excel. Note: Values1, 2.. 5 are NOT compulsory Once you have selected your file, click Submit to get them loaded to your group.

Single Message

This menu enable you to send messages to more that 3,000 people at once. Kindly copy and paste your numbers already seperated by space or comma. The Select a Sender ID, then type your message in the message box and click preview to send. Once the preview box appear, click Confirm

Bulk Message

This menu allows you to send messages to your saved contact groups. Simply select a Sender ID, then type your message in the message box. then select the contact groups you want to send the message to and click preview. Once the preview box appear, click Confirm to send. Messages submitted for delivery cannot be stopped.

SMS Template

This allows you to save a template of similar meesages you send regularly. Templates can be selected and modified during Single or Bulk Sending

Sender ID

Creating a Sender ID is Compulsory before you can send messages. Sender ID is the name that will appear on your customers number when they receive your messages.

Buy SMS Credits

Select the total number of units you want to buy and click continue, then select the bank you made payment to and enter payment details. You can also select Pay online with credit card for instant payment and crediting

Payment History

You can view your payment history form this page. You can also click on New order to make payment.

SMS Pricing

This gives you the SMS rates per unit.


The feature allows you to create a user on the system. The user can login and send his own SMS too. You can allocate and substract credits from the user.


You can view delivery status and details of already sent messages with this menu. Kindly select date range and view messages sent within that period.


Settings page allows you to make some personal modification to your account. You can also choose to be notified when your credit bal is running low by setting a threshold limit.


This menu is used to exit the message portal.

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